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Oh for the Days of the Buffalo Gals.

Oh, buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight. Oh, buffalo gals won’t you come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon! That old early 1900's song was inspired by real women of the frontier. Who or what was a buffalo girl and what was the value of her to the American male of the early twentieth century? She was a rugged, high spirited, hard working, hard loving woman that still knew how to be a lady. She didn’t look anything like the so called babes of today with their bleach blond hair, their sun tan parlor tans, and their shapely thin hard bodies courtesy of the local fitness spa. The buffalo gal was a big boned, big bosomed, big butted, and most importantly big hearted man pleasing female who made a fella glad to be man.

They have disappeared from the American social scene, much like the buffalo has disappeared from the plains and prairies. Maybe you are thinking they were too fat to survive. Buffalo gals had more fat and meat on their bones, but it was in the right places. They were just as sexy as the Playboy pin up girls or the professional models of today. Buffalo gals is a descriptive phrase for these old fashioned fuller figure, buxom, bawdy babes that comes from a classic pioneer song. Other stereotype names to help you picture these wonderful women are southern belles, honky tonk queens, western saloon chorus girls, dance hall gals, corn fed mid-west farmers daughters, and the New England milk maids. Picture a German Oktoberfest beer garden with Helga, and Brunhilda serving trays of beer balanced against their ample breasts. How about a front row seat at the Swedish women’s mud wrestling finals! One of Dano’s favorites, Xena warrior princess. Yeah, you guys know who we are talking about, now don’t you.

Let Dano be the first to summon them, for all of us frustrated American males.

Red rover, red rover, send the buffalo girl, right over!


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