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Dano Says... How Can That Be?!

Lately, I’ve started reading the newspaper again at least twice a week. I remember why I quit staying informed years ago. If I browse the news for 30 minutes, its certain to provoke anger, disgust, or disbelief at the folly of mankind. As most of you know, Dano is somewhat of an expert of being foolish. Later laying awake in bed the same question always comes to mind. How can that be?

For instance, I read where the Tucson school budget was $10 million over spent. The article stated the district had 63,000 kids, 7,500 employees, and a yearly budget of $248 million. Wait a minute that’s one employee for every 8 students. I can see a teacher for every 16 pupils, but who are all the employees and what do they do? Also that’s over $5,400 to send a kid to school for a year. My two kids cost $10,800. I turned to Elly, the school teacher, who was two tables away in the donut shop and inquired, "How can that be?"

Elly who has taught math among other things, took two bites out of her bagel, a sip of coffee, and proceeded to shed light on my ignorance. If a child is in school 180 plus days, $5,400 is $30 per day and 6 hours a day makes the cost $5 per hour to educate the child. She retorted "how can it be," Dano, that you have two children and think $5 per hour is too much money to spend to educate them properly? Also schools are very large businesses and need a lot of people beside teachers . She sold me for the moment. Later the thought returned and I ask you dear reader, "How can that be?" So much money to take a student from preschool through high school! Preschool through senior year is 14 years. When your son gets his high school diploma it has cost society $66,000 plus the money you put in for clothes, activities, trips, book, etc. How can that be?! More on this topic in the soon to be released, "Dano for mayor, governor, president, or king." I’m humble, I’ll take which ever comes my way.

Government Budgets - those news articles will make you crazy. Recently in the news the governor told us that the state budget will be $15 billion for two years, $7.5 per year. The president and congress are fixing to settle on a budget of about $1.9 trillion for one year. The newspaper tells us per the 2000 year census figures that 288 million people live in America and 5.3 million live in Arizona. This means every man, woman, and child in Arizona would pay $1,500 for their share of the state government next year. Also every live person in America pays $6,500 to run the federal government. My ex-wife, myself, and my two kids are sort of a family unit. We owe $26,000 to run Uncle Sam’s budget and $6,000 to run Arizona next year, $32,000 for my family’s fair share. Hold the bus! My ex-wife works 15 hours per week and my kids don’t work. I’m the only one working and making money.

I gotta ask somebody, "How can that be?"

Now, I know the federal and state governments, both do a lot of things - defense, health, education, welfare, social security, and more. But something is seriously wrong here! It’s too much money for what we are getting. We are getting scammed. All Dano wants to know at this point is what do we do to fix this terrible situation. Wait I’m getting overloaded, too irrational. I’ll quit reading the news for two weeks and I’ll settle down, and be okay again. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Once again, loyal Dano fans, you’ve received so much wisdom and life changing philosophy in one short Dano Says report. Amazingly, Dano does it for me every time. And of course you go away thinking... How can that be??!!


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